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I offer high caliber massage therapy for dancers and performers. My goal: keeping you in a healthy, buoyant form so that you continue doing the activities you love for a lifetime.

I completed my certification program in 2008, at the Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, New York. I've had great success traveling during the first decade of my career, collaborating with event production teams and coordinating wellness events.

My career began in luxury hospitality, working at resorts in the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.  The spiritual surroundings nourished my craft, as I developed my massage skills at a historic mineral spring in the desert. After relocating to Miami, I began helping performers stay healthy while getting exposure at events like Life in Color, Winter Music Conference, and Art Basel.

After several adventurous years, life and timing brought me here to NYC, where so many talented individuals push the limits of their physical form. Not unlike a dancer, my approach with massage is methodical and flexible, using a blend of vigor and ease to balance energies.


I don't view the body as it's separate parts. I perceive the human form as a continuous structure and sense where to shift. An array of techniques are used to melt tension and restore the body. I assist my clients in discovering sustainable patterns of movement and a more inspired state of mind. Each session will engage your body's story; personally.

I see a great deal of intersection within the healing and performing arts communities. My attitude and experiences were shaped by exposure to both. Body Exudance is a state of vitality that transmits to the world. Each of us has an intriguing testimony that can spark change in others. That’s why I’m so honored to work on instruments of creative expression.